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custom and w3c compliant designs

Are you tired of the same boring web designs? Are you looking for something modern and unique? Let Inet Innovations develop a custom and affordable site to fit your every day business needs. There is no need to worry about searching for a company to host the completed site. *Inet will take care of that for you plus domain name registrations through a domain name registrar. Inet also gives you the choice to take control of site content or we can perform updates for you. For a hassle free experience let Inet Innovations start on your website today.

Inet understands the most important site concepts including quick loading web pages, W3C compliant, Flash animations, original mockup design, correctly incorporating digital images, and getting your business indexed on the most popular search engines.

With high efficiencies in the programs required to effectively design for your company, Inet will work closely with your business until the work is complete.

*Inet is not a hosting service provider or a domain name registrar. We will however go through the process and set those up for you.

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